This year Art7 celebrates the 30th anniversary - it is over 30 years ago that it was settled by its owner and one of chief designers - Wojciech Kalandyk. Over these 30 years Art7 succesfully managed to create its recognisable style in the branch of amber jewellery; a distinct Art7 style resulting from the love for amber and design heritage as well as interest in the current jewellery trends. Thus Art7 has been able not only to create several cornerstone designs revealing the design capacity that is hidden in amber ("String", "Sevenspaces", "Shark", "Amber Lips", "Oxygen", "Amberlight"), but also to introduce the modern design to the popular amber jewellery sold on commercial scale.

It is worth noting down that during the Inhorgenta Munich fair the two latest Art7 collections - the collection of stacking rings Ring+ and colection "Brugge" based on baroque ornaments served as an example in the lecture on micro and macro trends, which proves Art7 designers' strong point is not merely the ability to create jewellery with amber that responds to the latest fashion trends but jewellery that is one step ahead.