Last Saturday (March 1st.) in Hong-Kong at the Windsor Cinema took place a special screening of the movie "Enthralled" in which Art7 pendant is featured as a precious piece of jewellery handed over generations. The director of the movie - Mr. Chip Tsao was on this occassion awarded the prize of "Amber Lips", for the sincerity and freedom of artistic expression as well as his passion for amber. The motto of the award that was handed by Mr. Wojciech Kalandyk is "Openess and sincerity of words". For several years it is awarded to those who are recognized for their sincerity of expression, as well as passion in their professional activity. The event was orginized in the effective cooperation with Mrs. Nancy Chui from Amberozia -  Art7's Hong-Kong partner. (In the picture - Mr. Chip Tsao with  "Amber Lips" statue)